Gordon Choi on Google and Sina

June 30, 2007

Gordon Choi put up a post on the Google-Sina tie up.  His contention is that Baidu is attracting a great deal of resentment in China – in the same way that Google is doing over here – simply for being the biggest and more concretely for the potential to leverage its lead in search into content to maintain growth.


Are Portal’s really Google’s answer?

June 20, 2007

Google’s application for a content licence should also be linked with another element – the push for portals.

With Sina.com‘s (pronounced seena) alliance with Google.  What used to be the most popular website in China has teemed up with China’s Number 2 search engine.  Pretty much like the Yahoo!-Microsoft deal that wasn’t.

It is an AdSense deal, and a good deal for Google.  However Google makes its cash over here on search as AdSense is a poor return for many smaller and less savvy advertisers (although Sina.com is hardly likely to get into click fraud).

Google can make money by focussing on matching its adverts, which it does better than Baidu, rather than using its not so good AdSense technology.

Want to See Google’s problem

June 16, 2007

Quick Fact: Alexa (which one would presume to be Western biased any way) lsits Google as number 7 in China its partner Sina.com as number 3 and Baidu as number 1.  Forget number 2 search engine or one third of Baidu’s traffic, rankings are the mountain that Google has to climb.