Google Bleed Cash in bid to catch up with Baidu

August 16, 2007

Google are going to go into China with cheque book open, and buying a couple of unannounced companies.  (Thanks to the Multilingual search blog for pointing this out).


China Web Review

July 19, 2007

Another English language blog on the Chinese internet scene is China Web2.0 Review.  It aims to cover the user generated “2.0” internet.

Although it is not a search focussed blog, the tag for Baidu is very large.

July 18, 2007

Another China web blog,, aiming at, well, Chinese webmasters.

Google Censorship FAQ

July 6, 2007

Google Blogoscoped has a comprehensive FAQ on Chinese censorship.  It makes the important point that Google self censors in other markets, for example Germany.

 It has an interesting answer on the other major blogs and their answers.

Asia Business Media blog

June 23, 2007

The Asia Business Media blog, is worth a look and not simply because they have linked to us, and quite frankly this is a new blog deeply appreciative of any link love at the moment (yes that is a hint).  It’s run by Paul Woodward in Hong Kong who runs Business Strategies Group, the only consultancy in Asia focusing on B2B media and business information.

 He has some nice little categories on areas such as Baidu, Alibaba, Hong Kong and of course Google.

They have an interesting post on Shawn Wang and his rather untraditional media techniques, reinforcing the point that Baidu are not a bunch of grey party apparatchiks.

Baidu’s worries

June 22, 2007

Old but gold, Danwei has a two year old piece about an internal leak of Baidu’s worries on its search results, with an interesting piece of advice on how to spot Baidu’s search placements.  Worth a read if you want some background to Baidu’s thought processes:

Of course Baidu has since opened the gap.