MySpace China

August 31, 2007

Not quite search marketing, but foreign money is still inflating the Chinese market.  Massive advertising company WPP has bought into MySpace China.  Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp allowed this site to develop almost from scratch.


Google Bleed Cash in bid to catch up with Baidu

August 16, 2007

Google are going to go into China with cheque book open, and buying a couple of unannounced companies.  (Thanks to the Multilingual search blog for pointing this out).

Chinese internet advertising up 32% year on year

August 15, 2007

Analysys International claim that the Chinese internet advertising market is still growing at a breakneck speed.  (The figures that are quoted seem to be typos.

China’s industrial revolution

August 3, 2007

What is hyper-speed growth?  Seeking Alpha thinks it knows.

 The most important part of China’s growth is that it is not just fast but that it is not new.  China at the moment is simply copying Western success – just being ruthlessly efficient efficient about it.  Depopulating the countryside, rewarding capital and all the other stages of the early industrial revolution.

Always remember that about China, its just doing what fifty countries have done before – just on a bigger scale and a little bit faster.  It’s when China starts acting differently then the bets are off

On the Radio

August 1, 2007

 Webmaster radio has put up its interview with James Spencer of

Six Mistakes for your Chinese Website

July 28, 2007

The China SEO blog lists six mistakes for Chinese websites.  In short:

  • Building a flash website
  • Going cheap for web design, hosting or promotion
  • Inexistent or incomplete Chinese translation of your site
  • Hosting Overseas
  • Not registering with the Chinese government
  • Over-relying on Pay-Per-Click to advertise your site

Starbucks and China: The forgotten dimension

July 21, 2007

The case about Starbucks leaving the forbidden city has been portrayed as a case of Chinese cultural chauvinism or pride (although why there are so many Starbucks in China is not explained). 

What is important is that a petition of 500,000 was started on the internet against a government policy. 

There’s  a similar story about a cat rescue co-ordinated over the internet, citizen activism is a real story in at least some parts of China.  This may be a sign of greater freedom, or it may be seen as a threat to the regime.

Although the internet is by no means as free as in the West, it is still free in comparison to what people imagine the Chinese internet to be.