The Credit Card conundrum

September 30, 2007

We have got some attention from Asia Business Media, which is nice.  The whole point is that the Chinese audience may or may not have money, but they don’t have credit cards – and that’s the key when you need online payments.  Google’s audience is more likely to have credit cards


Now the analysts are writing off Google in China

September 2, 2007

Google is at last getting some good news in China, the stock market analysts are declaring the battle with Baidu to be over, with Google the loser.  Considering their track record, should I be changing my predictions of continued Baidu dominance?

Google advertises in Games

July 27, 2007

A slightly more general view than usual on this blog.  An entry from Todd Bishop on talks about Google’s plan to advertise within video games.  This is big for two reasons.  Firstly there’s the general fact that your behaviour in a video game can tell you as much as your search terms can.  The second point is that games are very big in China, in a way that credit cards aren’t – yet.

Gloomy prognosis for Google China

July 26, 2007

Bloomberg has a rather gloomy article (well for Westerners) about how Western internet companies can never get to the number one spot.  (Google could tell them, if it had any sense, that number two spot is lucrative enough thank you).

Baidu gets sued, this time in China

July 23, 2007

Is Baidu’s luck about to run out?  Baidu is being sued again over it’s music downloads.  This time its not an overseas record label, but a Chinese music site which is claiming intellectual property infringements.

We’re not sure how dependent Baidu is on music downloads, but there clearly is some dependence and the ferocity with which Baidu defends its downloads mean that they thinks that it plays a large part in their lead.

Will a Chinese site manage to hit Baidu where westerners haven’t?

162 Million: 2007 Chinese Internet Usage

July 22, 2007

The new Chinese internet usage figures have come out.  There are now 162 million Chinese internet users according to the government, up from 137 million last year. 

Now we must caution that we’re not comparing like for like.  The previous figure had been based on someone who had spent an hour online per week, the new figure is on someone who accessed the internet in the previous six months

Related to this, Information Week has an interesting story on internet penetration – with an estimate of 3% rural penetration and some strong resistance to internet use.

Who are the American-Chinese?

July 18, 2007

For those of you who like statistics I have an overload here.  Here’s a breakdown of the ethnic Chinese in America.  There are a few conclusions that may be surprising.  Firstly the median household income is considerably higher than average – about 27% higher.  Secondly the Chinese population are under-represented as self employed – although working for a family business will not show as being self employed.

Two interesting facts are the number of foreign born Chinese Americans and the number who speak a language other than English.