Is Google closer to being accepted?

Google may be getting a content licence from the Chinese government, meaning that it is no longer a pure play internet engine. 

That’s not the big news, after all it would only make them another Yahoo if they tried to become an all singing and dancing portal (and firmly being number 2 in China this is something that Google would want to avoid).

The big news is as Doug Caverly put it:

Clark had another encouraging piece of news (from Google’s point of view) as far as the Baidu rivalry is concerned: granting a license to Google could mean that “the Chinese government doesn’t want one dominant search engine – even if it’s Baidu.”

Certainly worth noting, but I’m not so sure.  A dominant player with all its assets in China is a lot easier to control, even if it does generate it’s own agenda.

The Wall Street Journal originally broke the story, but it is subscription only.  SearchEngineLand has a nice summary with a link to an historical article from Danny Sullivan (with links to articles on the previous Google spats).


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