Nationalism is not Google China’s real problem

Here’s a bit of interesting reportage from China from Stephen Perry.  Simply put he says that the Chinese people that he talks to dislike Google’s non-Chinese nature.

This sounds like a killer blow for Google.  Personally I don’t think so.  Google can (indeed it is) becoming more Chinese, even if its first steps are halting.

The problem Google faces is that it has a rival, Baidu, that is well connected and very, very determined.  They are not Ask Jeeves or Alta Vista, but a Search Engine that’s got to the top of the market and determined to stay there.

Google’s second place may be their best aspect. 

One common assumption about Google and Baidu is that Google has the hip  and the young.  Actually it is Baidu that is prefered by the younger surfers (it is a lot stronger on entertainment, particularly music) and if Baidu can keep hold of this group as they get older it could be Baidu reaping these profits.


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