Eye Tracking and Chinese Web Design

What does the eye-tracking study mean for web design?  We’re not entirely sure, although it does mean that you should test, test, test once you get the traffic through.  (Of course we can help with Google Optimiser if you want to talk to us).

Over at Red Kemp Chris speculates that this may be to do with chaotic Chinese web design, although we wonder if that is cause or effect.  Perhaps if people are going to spend more time on your site anyway you don’t have to be so worried about how efficiently  tou impart the information.

Google vs. Baidu

One thing that is striking is that Baidu seems to take so much longer to read (and needs to be scanned to the end of the page rather than Google’s half way down).  This puzzles quite a few people such as ChinaWebmasters.org, Stephen Bradley and the author of the report Gord Hotchkiss who says “The results were puzzling, but I found that permanent puzzlement is the norm here, at least as far as westerners go.”

In fact Gord Hotchkiss has a few ideas, which we will address later.


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