Want to See Google’s problem

Quick Fact: Alexa (which one would presume to be Western biased any way) lsits Google as number 7 in China its partner Sina.com as number 3 and Baidu as number 1.  Forget number 2 search engine or one third of Baidu’s traffic, rankings are the mountain that Google has to climb.


3 Responses to Want to See Google’s problem

  1. Actually – and quite suprisingly – Alexa.com does seem to have a large-ish installed base in China. Based on some debates I’ve had about, for example, Alibaba.com’s traffic figures (largely drawn from Alexa), it seems that some believe that a number of the big Chinese sites manage large installed bases of Alexa toolbars to boost their ratings…

  2. Paul,

    Thank you for this. It does make sense that they would install a big user base. It’s still notable to see Baidu at the top, when you would expect that more community-like sites like Alibaba and Sina would be more effective at getting their loyalists to install.

  3. […] and China In my post “Want to See Google’s Problem?” I was corrected by Paul Woodward of Asia Business Media on my belief that Alexa is strongly […]

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