The Chinese Eye-Tracking Survey

The Chinese Eye-Tracking survey by the Business to Business specialists Enquiro should be taken very seriously by anyone in the Chinese market, not just those with web pages, but TV and magazine advertisers.  (If you want to know what Eye Tracking involves, go here).  

Chinese Internet Behaviour 

In brief in the West we look at screens in a certain way.  We go to the top left hand corner, look quickly to the right and then go down the left hand margin.  It is often called the F Shape scan pattern.  We tend to see this pattern in everything from advertisements to shop layouts.  We do this on our web pages, putting the most important parts of our site where people will see them first, whether it is through conscious psychology, trial and error or simply good design standards.

The Chinese search patterns are different.  There is the bias to the top left hand side that you see in the West, but after that it is far more varied.

One of the reasons for this more scattered view is the fact that Chinese users spend more time looking at web sites.  This is partly because Chinese writing, even Simplified Chinese (which these users were), is far harder to speed read than the Roman Alphabet.

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